GH activity during the COVID-19 crisis

Thanks to the work, effort and responsible attitude of all of our staff, since 13 April we have been operating normally to supply our customers and meet the delivery requirements for our equipment.

Despite the serious health situation in which we find ourselves, at GH CRANES & COMPONENTS we have managed to adapt effectively to the circumstances in order to continue providing our service in optimal and safe conditions for our workers.

The permanent safety and hygiene measures taken since the beginning of the crisis are part of our daily routine and allow our workers and suppliers to carry out their work without risk of transmission.

Among other contingency measures, we have optimised work shifts to guarantee the safe distance between workers, restricted the use of common areas to avoid social contact and stepped up the cleaning of the facilities.

Given their vital importance at this time, all the measures have been accepted without complaint by all of us who make up GH CRANES & COMPONENTS and they are scrupulously carried out on a daily basis.

We are also working intensively on new technologies that minimise the knock-on effects of this crisis and increase safety for everyone in the future.

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