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Twin Hoist

Twin Hoist


Synchronised lifting of up to 200t. with CORE+


  • At GH we continue to offer increasingly beneficial solutions to our customers by expanding our extensive range of hoists, allowing us to achieve lifting of up to 200 t with CORE+ synchronisation.
  • The TWIN HOIST solution has indicators for weight, safe period of operation and maintenance periods, and includes anti-sway load control.
  • It minimises stresses in the mechanical components and structures, controlling the starting and stopping of the drives through frequency converters.


  • Economy.
    • It is based on standard hoists manufactured by GH.
    • With basic commercial components.
  • Increased safety.
    • Wire rope safety factor greater than 5. In accordance with the guidelines of the European Machinery Directive and the American CMAA regulations.
    • Safety in the suspension of the load (4 wire ropes). If one of the crane ropes breaks, the load will be held by the other three.
    • Prevents slipping of load.
  • Productivity.
    • Speed increased by up to 50% in loads lower than ¼ of the nominal load.


Synchronising the hoists using CORE+, we sum the lifting capacity of the hoists without the need to braid the suspension ropes, providing the true vertical lift of the load.

Options: Safety drum-brake and Loose rope safety.