Overhead crane


The Bridge cranes (also referred to as Overhead cranes) are cranes with a lifting system like hoist or open winch.

If you need an overhead crane that increases productivity, enhances safety and helps minimize your maintenance costs, look to GH Cranes & Components, one of top 5 crane manufacturer.

We design and manufacture a full range of standardized and custom engineered overhead cranes and crane kits that are relied on by crane builders and end-users in multiple industries, in multiple applications and in more than 70 countries on five continents.

Overhead cranes from GH Cranes & Components come in two styles, box girder and standard profile, and feature an integrated lifting mechanism, typically a hoist or open winch. Our optimized combination of crane structure and lifting mechanism (whether for lifting, cross travel or long travel) reduces hook approaches and maximizes the useful area of your facility. Hoists come in under running, top running, foot mount and built-up designs. End Trucks are available in top running, top running bogey and underhung types.

Overhead Cranes from 500 kg to 400 ton.


Overhead cranes - bridge cranes - overhead bridge cranes - GH Cranes & Components USA

Standardized Construction

Versatile modular design

Adaptable to multiple applications

Highly reliable components

Overhead cranes - bridge cranes - overhead bridge cranes - Crane and hoist manufacturer

Robot Welded

Maximum strength

Highest quality

Uniform welds


Better use of space with our bridge cranes.

The optimized combination of structures and mechanisms (lifting, cross travel and long travel) on these cranes reduce hook approaches and that maximize the useful areas.

Construction of structural welded elements, done with automated and robotic systems, which guarantee the repeatability of welding processes and high product quality.

Top Running Single-Girder Overhead Cranes

The standardization of single girder cranes makes this configuration optimizes the use of space, together with a minimum weight.

Top Running Single - Girder Overhead Cranes - bridge cranes - overhead bridge cranes

Top Running Double-Girder Overhead Cranes

The double girder configuration, thanks to the calculations system used, has an optimized weight, reducing loads on the structure, together with a greater stability when handling large loads.

Top Running Double - Girder Overhead Cranes - bridge cranes - overhead bridge cranes

Underhung Overhead Cranes

GH underslung cranes are the choice when very big spans are required, or no traditional crane runways are available.

They can be manufactured with cantilevers to access difficult points, and even can be designed to transfer materials between halls.

Underhung Overhead Cranes - Girder Overhead Cranes - bridge cranes - overhead bridge cranes

Wall Traveling Jib Crane

Wall traveling jib crane are a good solution when you need to serve multiple workstations without covering the entire width of the workshop and / or there are mobility limitations on the ground.

Cantilever Cranes - Girder Overhead Cranes - bridge cranes - overhead bridge cranes

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