Gantry crane

Gantry crane

GH, European leader in design and manufacture of Gantry Cranes (also referred to as Portal Cranes and Goliath Cranes).

The number of Gantry Cranes installed
turns us into the reference.

GH adapt his Gantry Cranes manufacturing process to the different customer´s requirements, taking care of which kind of work is going to performance.

Gantry cranes and portal cranes from GH Cranes & Components feature vertical legs on wheels that move along fixed runways, typically at floor level. They are highly efficient at moving heavy loads at high speeds, and are used largely outdoors.

Our gained experience from 1958 backed up as specialists in Portal and Semi Portal Cranes.

Lifting capacity: 400T.


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Standardized Construction

Versatile modular design

Adaptable to multiple applications

Highly reliable components

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Robot Welded

Maximum strength

Highest quality

Uniform welds

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Designed for Outdoors

Lattice designs accommodate high winds


Gantry crane

Unlike Bridge cranes, Gantry cranes have legs and move on runways which are usually on floor level.

These cranes are highly efficient to work outdoos, achieving high speeds and capacities.

Gantry cranes - overhead gantry cranes - GH Cranes & Components USA

Semi-gantry crane

Semi-gantry cranes are a very practical solution when it is not required to cover the entire width of the workshop. One side of the crane runs on elevated runway, while the runway for the other side is on ground level.

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