The 14th Conference on Refuse-Derived Fuel is coming!

The 14th Conference on Refuse-Derived Fuel is coming!

Starting date: 11/06/2024
Finishing date: 13/06/2024
Location place: Zawiercie, Poland

The 14th Conference on Refuse-Derived Fuel is coming!

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Description of the exhibition

The Conference on Refuse-Derived Fuel is one of the most important events in Poland for representatives of the alternative fuels sector. Every year, it serves as a platform for specialists, scientists, government representatives and professionals to share their knowledge and experience. On this occasion, our team will also be participating. 

During this year’s event, which will take place from 11 to 13 June in Zawiercie, we will address key issues for the future of our sector:
- What legal changes are needed in the RDF market?
- Will the growing number of waste incineration plants have an impact on the production of refuse-derived fuel?
- Which areas of development are the most promising for the alternative fuels sector?

This conference is a great opportunity to make valuable contacts, update your knowledge and follow the dynamic trends in the sector.
Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to collaborate with us! We will be happy to discuss the available solutions with anyone who is interested. See you in Zawiercie!