GH CRANES & COMPONENTS with the FastRotator GYR 20+20 machine. GH crane and hoist manufacturer.
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GH CRANES & COMPONENTS with the FastRotator GYR 20+20 machine

In the video we can see the GYR 20+20 machine together with several GH CRANES & COMPONENTS Overhead cranes.

GYR 20+20 is a new model with two towers capable of rotating parts up to 40 tons and move in horizontal and vertical axis.

The fast rotator combines several important benefits. In addition to the great time saving when turning the parts, it is also much more secure for the use of the crane. This relieves the crane and therefore the waiting time is reduced. The innovative concept of FastRotator allows the load from one side, for example, with the forklift truck and excellent preparation time. By using the FastRotator the productivity of the welders increased in average 35-40%.

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