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Projects: EGYPT

In Egypt, GH CRANES & COMPONENTS has secured three major projects with PGES Co, Egyptian-American Electric Company.

Projects: EGYPT



An EOT crane capacity 32/5 ton span 18.5 m, and a 10/5 ton EOT crane, span 32 m.


Consisting of two bridge cranes with 120/20 ton; Span 25 m (in June there will be an extension of a third EOT crane with the same characteristics). An EOT crane with 25/5 ton; span 18 m and a grantry crane with 5 ton; span 12.5 m.


Consisting of a gantry crane of 120/20 ton, span 25 m and a bridge crane of 25/5 ton, span 18 m. A gantry crane with 5 ton; span 12.5 m. Customer is a electrical company with many technical requirements and great complexity of the specifications. The support of all departments of GH CRANES & COMPONENTS has been essential for its success.