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New factory in Thailand

GH CRANES & COMPONENTS reaches an agreement to acquire 12% of a new bridge crane factory in Thailand.

New factory in Thailand


Recently, GH CRANES & COMPONENTS has completed its market position in Southeast Asia with the signing of an agreement to purchase 12% of a new factory in Bridge Cranes that our current representative, Lee Machinery has decided to build in Thailand.

This agreement complements the recently adopted strategy of bringing GH CRANES & COMPONENTS market our commercial capacity.

For both Peera Laohaganniyom (the current owner of Lee Machinery) and for GH CRANES & COMPONENTS this is a project that opens new possibilities for both. GH CRANES & COMPONENTS is a challenge for which the brand can become an industry leader in Thailand and the countries of the area. To Peera Laohaganniyom, this project is to make the best bridge crane factory in Southeast Asia.