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Gantry GH CRANES & COMPONENTS in Club Naútico Ribadeo

The company aims to expand market presence boats turbine, little known in Europe, and become a reference in boat for rivers and coastal surveillance.

Gantry GH CRANES & COMPONENTS in Club Naútico Ribadeo


A yard 15 minutes from the aqueduct of Segovia? Yes. His name is Moggaro Aluminium Yachts and is the only one of its g & eacute; nero building aluminum boats up to 12 meters across Europe. It was founded by brothers Jos & eacute; and Santiago Parga (the second is the protagonist of this interview) as a result of a curious coincidence: Santiago looking for a new boat, after chipping his, built in fiber; Jos & eacute ;, naval engineer, had the rights to use a software program to design boats.

And why & eacute; they chose to settle in Valverde del Majano, Segovia village where the company is based? "I am a civil engineer," answers Santiago. "I was working in the works of the AVE to Valladolid and Boilers de Pablos, the company ships joining us, was here. So, it was easy for me to come and see how they work."

From that first drive, of particular use for Santiago began to arrive other assignments. The first was for a dive company. "A divers immediately liked our ships were made of aluminum," says James, "mainly because they saw that resisted, much better than the fiber, the blows of their diving equipment." So, after the commissioning of a ship 8 meters long "we are introduced to the Boat Show of Barcelona and made two more orders. Everything was going so well that I decided to quit my job and that year we were asked two boats ".

Source: El Pais