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Acciona and Ghella are going to build the longest rail tunnel in Scandinavia

IMG_0449Assembly process of three gantry cranes for stocking up the voussoirs that will form the longest rail tunnel in Scandinavia.

The project, awarded by the Norwegian National Rail, consists of the construction of two 20 km long twin tunnels, which will connect the cities of Oslo and Ski, being the largest infrastructure of Norway so far.

IMG_0210 IMG_0211IMG_0228

For the construction of the twin tunnels four tunneling machines will be used simultaneously.

In May the first tunneling machine will be assembled in the construction works to begin with the tunnel excavation in September.

IMG_0275 IMG_0235IMG_0240 IMG_0433IMG_0452

Datek Lofteteknikk

Instalación de grúa puente sobre el mar.

Este puente grúa birraíl de 6,3 t y 12,6 m de luz, se ha instalado en Galicia para STOLT SEA FRAM, S.A.


Aunque no se trata de una grúa especial, su ubicación la hace llamativa puesto que se encuentra prácticamente sobre el mar.

IMG-20160414-WA0018IMG-20160414-WA0017 IMG-20160414-WA0020

Por las características de su ubicación, esta grúa puente está dotada de elementos específicos que la hacen apta para este ambiente tan agresivo.